The first meeting of the Nineveh Reconstruction Committee took place today (Sunday, the 7th May 2017) by the seat of the Chaldean Catholic Archdiocese of Erbil. The meeting began with a prayer. Each member of the Committee updated the other members about the reconstruction of the towns and villages on the Nineveh Plains, of which they are responsible. The Syriac Catholic Church, The Syriac Orthodox Church and The Chaldean Catholic Church are working together to rebuild over 13,00 homes of Christian families that Isis destroyed, damaged or burned.

At the end of the meeting the Committee discussed the details of the “Olive Tree” ceremony that is going to take place tomorrow, Monday, the 8th of May, in three towns of the Nineveh Plains: Bartella, Qaraqosh and Karamless. An olive tree will be given to the owners of the first 100 homes the Committee will rebuild. They will plant the trees close to their homes as a symbol of peace, hope and reconciliation.