When ISIS was militarily defeated in Iraq in 2017, the challenges facing Christians were enormous, as ISIS left behind 363 Church facilities: 34 totally destroyed, 132 burnt, 197 partially damaged. A modern-day ‘Marshall Plan’ aiming at restoring dignity, through rebuilding gave priority to housing rehabilitation allowing Christian families to return. Nearly half of families are back to their liberated, but heavily damaged, towns and villages in the Nineveh Plains. The challenge now is life after ISIS.

In the Iraq context, marked by sectarianism, conflict and brutalization of society, the Church remains a central pillar in the social structure, providing a sense of belonging, mutual help and offering social opportunities, education at all levels (including and kindergartens and universities), cultural activities and social services. Therefore, ACN is shifting towards a new stage in its modern-day “Marshall Plan” for the Iraqi Christians. The central objective is to rebuild the infrastructure of Church-run facilities across the Christian towns and villages of the Nineveh Plains. Restoring Churches and the Church infrastructure is vital. There are Christians who want to stay in their homeland, the land of their forefathers, where they want to raise their children. ACN helps them. As of 2020 ACN supported the reconstruction of 47 Church facilities to strengthen security and counter demographic displacement of Christians. ACN advocates for a greater financial support to come forward to meet the current needs of communities in the Nineveh Plains.